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Yellow Jacket River Guides Wellness in the Wilderness Trip

Wellness in the Wilderness
July 18 to July 22

Enjoy beautiful scenery, fun rapids, wildlife, hiking opportunities, and yoga...along with evening festivities around the campfire.  With daily yoga sessions led by certified instructor Laura Fallon, this trip features a wholesome menu and a focus on well being.

Trip Price: $1999 per person, $3649 for two

Trip Rate includes all meals, necessary equipment, guide services, and Jet Boat Tour beginning from our morning departure on Day 1 to our afternoon return Day 5.  Trips beginning in Salmon include all ground transportation to and from the launch point.

Learn a little more about Laura:

Laura Fallon is originally from the East Coast where she spent many years living in the incredibly diverse city of New York.  This is where she was introduced to yoga and truly began to understand how yoga would change her life.  Growing up spending hours running, biking and dancing paid a huge toll on her body and she realized that something had to change.  A childhood friend suggested yoga as a possible solution to her physical pain, January of 1999 she went to her first official yoga class.  She has never looked back.  A daily practice of yoga has brought Laura to an understanding of the practicality of yoga and desire to make yoga accessible to people of all walks of life.

Laura has been teaching yoga since 2002.  Certification through Yoga Alliance with Noah Maze and Bikram, as well as numerous other styles of yoga and an outdoor life exploring the mountains and rivers of the world gives Laura a wealth of experiences she can draw from as she guides you through any session, class, or workshop.

“Yoga is for everyone, there is no experience or particular skills necessary to begin or maintain a practice. Yoga is a lot simpler and more powerful than you might imagine.” 

As a teacher of people with all levels of practice, Laura creates a safe, fun space where you can bring your personal yoga practice to the next level.  With a focus on proper alignment, she will give you the information you need to challenge yourself, finding the strength and flexibility in your body and mind that you may not even realize is there, yet.