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Courtney & River Food

        Meal time in the wilderness is a celebration of the day’s travels and experiences. It is a time to share the journey so far and the anticipation of adventures still downstream. River Food nourishes our minds and souls, as well as our bellies. River Food is more than a cookbook; it is the hard work of the guides creating meals that fuse with the magic of the wilderness to give their guests lifelong memories.

        For the past 23+ years I have been guiding, rafting, fishing, and cooking on the rivers of Idaho.  Prior to that, I ran a lunch camp along the Upper Salt River in Arizona, mixing rafting and food from the start. My mom owned a restaurant and catering company, and I have been cooking and working in restaurants my whole life.  Over many years I have adapted and perfected my own creations to serve to my guests; the best of my recipes are included in River Food. However, the stars of River Food are my dear friends: my fellow guides and the outfitters of Idaho’s Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers.

         If you show me a river runner, I’ll show you a camp chef! Thank you to everyone who donated their recipes to River Food. My time guiding, learning and laughing with you are treasures I value like childhood magic tricks. This is why part of the money I make from River Food will go to The Redside Foundation as a way to give back to future guides.